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Sechrist Industries has introduced its unique, Low Profile Hyperbaric Gurney to the marketplace with overwhelming success. This innovative and compact designed Hydraulic Low Profile Gurney is compatible with all Sechrist H-Series Hyperbaric Chambers and is unique to the hyperbaric family of products.

The Sechrist Low Profile Gurney comes standard with all new H-Series Hyperbaric Chamber Storage Models. This convenient space saving storage system allows for additional free space in any hyperbaric treatment room.

Using the new H-Series Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers with the new Sechrist Low Profile Gurney will save space in any hospital or clinic environment. Hospitals and clinics now have the ability to store the gurney under the hyperbaric chamber for better storage and space clearing options. The low profile gurney lowers to 23" from the floor to the top of mattress, thus eliminating a full 5" off the height of the standard hyperbaric chamber gurney. The new low profile hyperbaric gurney allows for an easier and safer access of the patient to the gurney.


  • Low Profile Gurney goes 5" lower from the floor to the top of mattress then the standard gurney thus allowing for maximum patient safety and comfort.
  • The Sechrist Low Profile Hyperbaric Gurney eliminates or minimizes the use of step stools and additional staff assistance. for added ease and safer patient access onto the hyperbaric chamber gurney.
  • Adjustable backrest for models 3600H and 4100H has an increased incline up to 45 degrees for additional flexibility and patient comfort.
  • Gurney can support bariatic patients comfortably up to 700 lbs .
  • The low profile hydraulic gurney provides for easy loading of the patient into the chamber without additional transfers.

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Sechrist Industries, Inc. offers both a Standard Hydraulic Gurney as well as the new Low Profile Hydraulic Gurney. All Gurneys offer considerable flexibility, are easily adjustable to various heights for ready access to patients in beds, wheelchairs or other elevations. The Low Profile Hydraulic Gurney lowers 5” lower than
the Standard Gurney for maximum patient comfort and safety.

The Low Profile Hyperbaric Chamber Gurney and Standard Hyperbaric Chamber Gurney are designed exclusively for all Sechrist Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers. This exclusive design allows for easy patient transfers both in and out of a Sechrist Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. All Sechrist Hyperbaric Chamber Gurneys include a one step locking mechanism that ensures simultaneously locking of all wheels for safety. In addition comfort and safety both low profile and standard gurneys come with side rails, IV Pole, storage tray, and gas cylinder holder.


  Low Profile (P/N 21709-01) Standard (P/N 21709-00)
Gurney Lowest Height: 17.25 in 22.25 in
Lowest Height with Stretcher and Standard
OmniPressure Mattress:
23.00 in 28.00 in
Length: 91.00 in (231 cm) 91.00 in (231 cm)
Width: 33.50 in (85 cm) 33.50 in (85 cm)
Gurney with Stretcher & Mattress Weight: 300 lbs (136 kg) 300 lbs (136 kg)
Adjustable Headrest Incline Angle: 45° +/- 5° 45° +/- 5°



Hyperbaric Low Profile Hydraulic Gurney H-Series Hyperbaric Chamber with Patient