About Hyperbarics Hyperbaric Treatment Protocols
Because oxygen inspired under increased atmospheric pressure is a potent drug, hyperbaric oxygen must be administered carefully to avoid toxic effects.

A patient’s clinical response and other factors often dictate the number of treatments required. Emergency cases, such as carbon monoxide poisoning or cerebral arterial gas embolism, may only require one or two treatments in a hyperbaric chamber. Non-healing problem wounds may call for as many as 20 to 30 treatments. Radiation tissue injury may require 60 or more hyperbaric oxygen treatments for optimal benefit.

Except for decompression sickness and cerebral arterial gas embolism, treatments in a hyperbaric chamber last about two hours. Treatments are administered once or twice a day. In some cases, treatments are administered every eight hours. Most acute conditions are treated in less than 10 days. Chronic conditions may require 30 or more treatments. In some cases, patients can watch TV/movies within the hyperbaric chamber or listen to the radio during therapy.